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Quartz Combs

Hair IdeasPosted by daniella Tue, August 29, 2017 17:34:03

Hair styling inspiration for all the brides out there who are looking to finish their Celestial look with a quartz comb.

You can create an endless variety of hairstyles using hair combs. In this blog post I will learn you how to style your quartz hair comb.

Look1. The easiest way to style your quartz hair comb is by creating a loose updo and tuck the 2 hair combs just above the updo.

Look 2. Pin the hair back for a romantic, loose look and finish the look by adding a quartz comb on each side. You can create some body by adding texture cream and hairspray.

Look 3. Create a Chignon or a loose bun and tuck a quartz hair comb in the middle of the back of your head just above the updo and add a quartz comb on each side. And voila you have created a quartz backwards crown.

Look 4. Make a low braided and fold it inwards and secure it with bobby pins. Tuck a quartz comb just above the start of the braid.

To make sure that your hair comb stays in place all day you can secure it with some bobby pins. Pick bobby pins as closest to you hair color and be sure to tuck them all the way in.

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